Ann Sulaiman (hakucho_cygnus) wrote in fem_metalheads,
Ann Sulaiman

Evile announce new bassist to their line up

 UK thrashers Evile announced their new bassist to replace the late Mike Alexander, in December 2009.

Click here for the news.

Mike had left behind three children - two sons and a small daughter - and a loving girlfriend who never got to see him come home alive from Evile's tour with Amon Amarth in Sweden in October, during which the band dropped out in order to return home.

Even though the tribute gigs to him have passed (if you didn't get to attend), you can still help by entering the memorial raffle on Ebay to which Iron Maiden, Gary Holt and others have donated.

You can also enter in an auction for items donated by Carl Pickles, who hosts the Wyrd Ways Rock Show podcast. Find out more over here.
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