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Who is going here?

Black Mass Ritual Festival III

Triumvirate of Doom and Kold Reso Kvlt presents:

Pretickets on sale NOW!!!


3 Days; 70€
2 Days (fri-sat); 45€
1 Day; 30€

After ordering your ticket you have 14 days time to make the payment!
So reserve the money before putting in the order.
650 Tickets available! per day


September 30th - October 2nd 2010
Indoor festival: Dante´s Highlight, Helsinki Finland.

This convocation of crawling chaos shall bring together all true Death Metal
devotees! 2 nights of perfect Death Metal mass and pure caustic madness
will crush the weak and unworthy!!! The Day of Retribution grows near!!!



Haunted screams from beyond the grave will fill the old church, which
Dante´s Highlight is, in October! Corpse of Repugnant is resurected!!!
This is real fucking dirty Death Metal as it was ment to be! Epitome of Darkness was definitely a classic album although made in new millenium rather than 1980´s... Hungry are the damned!!!


Doom Cult prophets from down under shall attack European soil with
two or three exclusive rituals! War of all against all!!!


1 Exclusive show (first abroad Germany) for these masters of putrid chaos before
lowering the coffin back to the abyss! On Pestilent Winds...


Definitely one of the greatest Death Metal bands around in 2010! This time
Greeks get a proper performing conditions compared to their last visit in Finland!


Occult Death Dooom!!! True vessel of dark energies! New album Doom of the Occult
is in the works, we hope that it will be out before this Ritual!


The cauldron black legion emerged from belching tar pits, mid-1996, bringing with them the heaviest, most foreboding metal to inspire the hearts & ears of the parched underground scene.................


Italian Chaos commando Blasphemophagher will destroy Hellsinki
with their nuclear hammering bombardment! Annihilate and Desecrate!!!


Death/Doom Metal! Band which have been around for a while already but haven´t recieved the recognition what it deserves! Their debut LP/CD (on Bloodharvest) "Karnarium" and splits with Bestial Mockery & Defiler + EP "Deity of Opposites" are just pure masterpieces of dark horror!!! First show ever in Finland.


First show ever! You most likely have not heard of this malicious coven yet for they have released just one demo in very low quantities as of yet! Debut mLP/mCD is on the way and you can check their myspace lair for what kind of Blasphemy they have to offer!


Dark, Occult Death Metal Dooom is what Grave Miasma are all about! Exalted Emanation
on mighty Sepulchral Voice Records was mind blowing modern classic already when it was released!


Swallowed by the Void, debut full-lenght of these Finnish Death freaks was a something worth to take a look at. Dark and twisted, Heavy Death Metal with great atmosphere!


England´s new Death Metal masters! Debut demo "Convocation of Crawling Chaos" was such a perfect start for this band! Occult and crushingly heavy Death Metal!
Beware of their second release a 10" MLP in a near future.

+ TBA (There will be 10-12 bands, 5-6 per night, all in all).

More info coming Sooon...

triumvirateofdoom (at) gmail (dot) com
krkbookings (at) gmail (dot) com

Or here:

"Wolves Over Finland" tour 2010


To 6.5. Klubi, Turku (w/ AXEGRESSOR).
* Liput 15 €. -S-/K18 (rajattu anniskelualue). Klo 19:00.
* Eteispalvelumaksu ei sisälly lipun hintaan!
* Ennakot: Turun Levykauppa Äx.
Pe 7.5. Dante’s Highlight, Helsinki.
* Liput 15 €. K18. Klo 21:00.
* Eteispalvelumaksu ei sisälly lipun hintaan!
* Ennakot:
La 8.5. Nuclear Nightclub, Oulu.
* Liput 15 €. K18. Klo 21:00.
* Eteispalvelumaksu ei sisälly lipun hintaan!
* Yhteistyössä Miasma Magazine.
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