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Scion Rock Fest

Hey guys, long time no see! Before I throw in my quick review of the fest, I apologize for being virtually nonactive the last few months--been dealing with emotional garbage, tons of schoolwork, too many hours at work, etc. So, to make up for it in a small way, here are a few thoughts on what was ultimately a pretty fun night.

Bands I saw and overall impression:

  • Saviours - Started off decently, but the set was definitely overlong and they were probably wasted. After a certain point, there was no doubt that the vocalists’ tattoos (arms/back/chest were covered with ink) were way more interesting than their set.
  • Thou - Awesome and entrancing but way way too brief with only three songs played. The vocalist came on stage in a button-up shirt and as Rika put it ‘looked like a dad who just dropped off some kids’ but by the end looked like he was about to eat us all alive—dude didn’t blink even once.
  • D.R.I. - HOLY SHIT!! I saw the legendary Dreh, enough said. How is it that (in my experience at least) older bands consistently outplay dudes that are half their age? This band has almost been around for thirty fucking years and it’s clear they haven’t skipped a beat since the old days.
  • Magrudergrind - I’ve seen them more times than I can count on one hand and this is the very first time I haven’t had a stagediver jump on my head—what a relief! It’s always heart-warming to see friends get received well by an audience, no exception here.
  • Brutal Truth - Too fucking brutal! An amp broke, some strings snapped, mic wires got tangled around some dude’s legs, monitors got kicked all over the stage, and I ended up drawing some blood. Unfortunately, because of technical difficulties, the set started getting long and honestly started dragging. On another note, I didn’t realize how fucking tall Dan Lilker is—at least 12 feet tall!
  • Shrinebuilder - Sorry, this was just plain boring. Sometimes the music would pick up and I’d get interested but then shit started to drag again and I didn’t really get enough of a contact high at all to enjoy it like others seemed to. It appeared I wasn’t the only one with this opinion either as others were slowly exiting the venue as well. I’d rather have seen Vitus or Sleep, to be perfectly honest.
Overall - Decent fest. I saw legendary bands and a few boring ones, but hey, it was free so I can’t really complain. The shuttle service was awesome and facilitated my movement from the Circus to Newport and back again. I got the Express Pass thing because Matt and Rika and I got to Columbus early but it turns out it wasn’t really necessary—I’m guessing the rain kept some people from coming. I’m pretty curious about how many people actually attended. I spent most of my time at Circus and saw one band each at Newport and at Skully’s and I’d estimate a few hundred people at most and probably not more than 1000.
Funny story—I almost didn’t get my Express Pass wristband because of my last name. Why? Because to get the wristband you had to be a fan of Scion A/V Metal on facebook and as it happens, I have my last name written correctly on facebook, using the non-english letter ‘š’ as the first letter of my last name. Turns out, whatever they used to collect the names doesn’t recognize the letter and either my name wasn’t on the paper lists they had or it was somewhere at the end so I had to explain to four different people that yeah, I really did follow the rules exactly. They eventually believed me, but I found it funny that something like that almost cheated me out of a wristband, well, that wasn’t super useful anyway.

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