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Lords of Chaos?

Does anyone have any information regarding the film version of Michael Moynihan's book "Lords Of Chaos", set for a 2010 release? Specifically, I'm curious to know the opinions of the black metal community and the musicians who were around at the time - because apparently no one's very happy with it, but I have yet to find any interviews other than Varg's rant on his website.

I stumbled across the Facebook group "Boycott the Lords Of Chaos movie. Black metal needs saving" ... the premise of which, I'll admit, I found somewhat laughable; but as I'd never heard of it until then, I'm curious to know more.

On the other hand, Varg Vikernes being played by Twilight actor Jackson Rathbone is just too hilarious a notion to be passed up. I'd quite like to see a sparkly Varg.

A couple of links:
IMDB page
Wiki page
Official movie site
Varg's review
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