Adrienne (twowintersonly) wrote in fem_metalheads,


Name: Adrienne Ann Tomasi

Age: 17 (March 11, 1987)

Location: Chester, CT USA

Gender: Female. (Why is this question on here when the community is for girls who like metal?  *shrug*)

Ten favorite bands:

1. Depeche Mode

2. Within Temptation

3. The Cure

4. VNV Nation

5. Fields of the Nephilim

6. Amorphis (Amorphis sold out, and Pasi just left, but I cannot deny Amorphis.)

7. VNV Nation

8. Lacuna Coil

9. Tristania

10. My Dying Bride

Five favorite movies:

1. The Princess and the Warrior

2. White Oleander

3. Milo and Otis

4. The Crow (Yeah, I know it's cliche, but who cares?)

5. Umm...Oh, the Kill Bills. (I like Volume 1 more.)

Five favorite books:

1. The Perks of Being a Wallflower

2. The Bloody Chamber and Other Tales

3. The Great Gatsby

4. Remember Me. (A short story from the Many Faces of Van Helsing)

5. Paul's Case (A short story by Willa Cather)

What is an interesting fact about you?  Umm, I have been to a institution (yeah, the loony bin if you want to be an insensitive asshole about it) because I was given Zoloft and it induced psychosis. Yay.

 If you could be anything besides yourself for a day, what would you be, and why?  i would be Cristina Scabbia.  Simply because I love her so much.

 How often do you go to concerts/shows? Whenever anyone good plays around here, which is never.  The last show I was supposed to go to (Type O Negative and Amorphis) got cancelled because there is something wrong with Pete Steele.  Get well, Pete.  I might go to KMFDM next week.  It's on a Tuesday night, though.  I went to the The Cure this summer.  That was fun.

Umm...there are pics of me on FTJ and The Dilly.  My account on The Dilly is DecemberElegy, and my accounts of FTJ are Panzermensch and Senzafine.

Goddamn needs to be in the app? What the...hold on...
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