Ann Sulaiman (hakucho_cygnus) wrote in fem_metalheads,
Ann Sulaiman

Wyrd Ways Rock Show XC

This week, it's tracks from Ihsahn, Van Canto, Slash and a host of new bands for your ears! Go here to download the show or click on the embed to stream from your PC/Mac//what have you. :D

Want to contribute five of your favourite songs to hear back to back without any interupttions for the Lie Back and Enjoy It? Want to get your band heard? Then contact Carl on the show's contact page via

Don't forget - you can also check out the show on every Friday at 10 pm GMT, or by subscribing with iTunes by clicking

This week's tracklisting:


Ratt – Eat Me Up Alive

Slash – Ghost (with Ian Astbury)

Ihsahn – Frozen Lakes On Mars

Wormrot -  Uncovered And Proud As Fuck

Spotlight 1: Uglymother – Gender Bender

Cage – Power Of A God

Morpheus Rising – Lord Of The North

Disturbed – Inside The Fire

Avenged Sevenfold – Unbound (The Wild Ride)

Covered: Pretty Maids – Crazy Horses (The Osmonds)

Gama Bomb – Last Ninjas Unite

Atreyu – Lonely

Soulfly – Rise Of The Fallen

Spotlight 2: Uglymother – Look But Don’t Touch

Jettblack – Get Your Hands Dirty

Eden’s Curse – Masquerade Ball

Enforcer – Roll The Dice

Cauldron – Chained Up In Chains

Steelwing – The Illusion

Suicidal Angels – Inquisition

Spotlight 3: Uglymother – Killers In The Moshpit

Spit Like This – Sex, Drugs and Heavy Metal

Dear Superstar – Brothers In Blood

Sabaton - Firestorm

Alestorm – Leviathan

Spotlight 4: Uglymother – Just Don’t Mess Around With me

Holy Rage – Give Them Hell

Powerage – All Stand Up

Shock Of The New 1: Sandstone – Sons Of Carthage

Shock Of The New 2: Black River’s Edge – Fire In The Sky

Shock Of The New 3: Skullfist – Heavier Than Metal

Shock Of The New 4: Great Awakening – All Systems Fail

Shock Of The New 5: Alice In Thunderland – In The Beginning

Ensiferum – Stone Cold Metal

Heidevolk – Ostara

Asomvel – No Twist Of Fate

Van Canto – I Am Human

Last track: Ross The Boss – Blood Of Knives


Enjoy, Ladies!
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