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Lets help Adrian sing again

In coma for more then two years now

Cause? - cerebral hypoxia - a result of medical negligence after the surgical operation

Seven months of rehabilitation eventually brought up first attempts of establishing contact with the outer world.


Adrian (33).

  • Adrian - an outstanding musician.
  • Adrian - a member of various bands.
  • Adrian - used to give concerts all over the world, including the USA.
  • Adrian - a son.
  • Adrian - a pall.
  • Adrian - vivid, open-minded, remarkable.
  • Adrian - just one of us, a lot is left to be said.


29 October 2007, a tour in Russia.

The van with the band on board, crashes.

As a tragic result, Witek, the drummer dies.

Adrian himself, is severely injured.

Soon after being transported back to Poland, Adrian undergoes a highly complex neo surgical operation, at the University Hospital in Krakow.

The operation, at a time considered successful.

36th hour of pharmacological coma, concluded, due to medical negligence, with a cardiac arrest and defused cerebral hypoxia

23 April 2008 after six months treatment at the hospital Adrian is finally brought back home.


Adrian has been treated not only at home, but also in medical and rehabilitation centres.

Adrians home has been facilitated in order to speed up the most efficient way to his recovery.

All the innovative methods applied, require huge involvement of many highly qualified people and whats more, great financial input, far beyond affords of his family .

Regular medical consultations often a long distance away from home, have now become more frequent thanks to the purchase of a specially designed and adjusted to Adrians needs vehicle. Now the transport is much more feasible.

The total cost of Adrians treatment and expensive neurological medications rests exclusively on his family.


The breakthrough happened just after removing an artificial larynx cannula. Since then Adrian has attempted eating by himself. There is also progress in learning to stand up to be observed. Still, however he is conscious, there is no communication with him. Every single day, Adrian requires full 24 hour paramedical care.

A range of rehabilitation methods and activities has already been involved. Including: 36 hours weekly of physiotherapy rehabilitation, logopedic therapy, special therapeutic massages and also 10 hour nurse care daily. Frequent medical consultations are ongoing demand.


We would appreciate further financial aid, as we are incapable of covering the costs of the treatment all by ourselves. It is with your help, that we would like to see Adrian back to health and . We are soon planning to buy a brand new multifunctional rehabilitation couch, a shower/ bath transfer chair and home lift-stairchair. We are happy to answer all your queries either via phone or e-mail.

Regarding Adrians improvement We will keep you updated a website devoted to Adrian and also at Anna Dymna's Foundation /Against the Odds/

Many thanks to all who have been supporting us with their financial aid both for the Foundation, as well as, individual donations for Adrian. We are also grateful towards those who encouraged us to hope, and to all people of good will, who organised concerts and marathons under the logo Help Adrian

We would like to thank on behalf of Adrian, the Foundation and ours. We wouldnt have been where are at present , if it werent for your help.

Adrians Family and friends

If you wish to contribute to help, the bank account details are as follow:

Adrian Kowanek
Kolo Bialuchy 23, Krakow Poland

IBAN No: PL63109020530000000112494054
Bank: BZ WBK
Bank division:
BZ WBK 1 oddział Kraków
Karmelicka 9, 31-133 Kraków

Contact address:

Ewa i Leszek Kowanek
ul. Koło Białuchy 23
31-215 Kraków

tel. +48 12 415-14-69
mobile +48 601-959-174

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