sabbath lily sabbath (crvcifix) wrote in fem_metalheads,
sabbath lily sabbath

So, ladies of metal, I'm going to see Nachtmystium (YESSSSS) tonight, but since it's my first time seeing a band even remotely connected to NSBM, I was wondering if I should be taking safety precautions-- especially since I'm of mixed descent and going on my lonesome.

I have absolutely no qualms about supporting the band itself, especially after they distanced themselves, in no uncertain terms, from the scene following the Scion incident. However, since I'm not that familiar with the scene, I'm concerned about certain elements of their fanbase being less than savory, especially since there was a white power demonstration around here just a few months ago. You'd think anyone with half a brain would recognize that a band whose official merch says 'White Powder Not White Power' would be able to figure out where the band stands-- but I guess racists aren't typically the sharpest crayons in the box. Of course I'll be going to the show regardless, so this is mainly to gauge how many drinks I can permit myself. =)

So, particularly for those of you who are non-white, have you ever run into problems at shows? Is it generally safe to assume that the majority of fans' ideology are accurate reflections of the bands'? And where do you draw the line at bands you refuse to support?

Oh, and on a completely unrelated note, everyone should take a gander at Goldfrapp's video for "Alive" -- now with 30% more black metal vampire aerobics!
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