weirdnessdk (weirdnessdk) wrote in fem_metalheads,

trigger the bloodshed?

haven't posted here for a while *baaad me*

well... lately i have wanted to go to concerts again. the problem is that denmark is not that popular to do gigs in among the bands i like the most, it seems. so i just went through the gig-list of this local place and in about a month they'll have "trigger the bloodshed" playing. it's a cheap concert (12 euro/15.5 us dollars) so that totally speaks for me going there!

but i never ever heard about the band before and my brain can't cope with "new" music today so even though i listened to some of the stuff on their myspace-profile ( ) i couldn't remember it at all after 5 minutes. perhaps i should listen to it again some other day when my brain is working with me better. LOL.

but.. how about you? do you know this band? if so -would they be worth to see live?

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