Ann Sulaiman (hakucho_cygnus) wrote in fem_metalheads,
Ann Sulaiman

Resuming transmission on this end - Wyrd Ways Rock Show CIX!

Up and running, it's the Wyrd Ways Rock Show CIX!

Don't have the time to listen? No problem - this episode of the show (as well as CVIII) will be available for download and streaming for the next 8 weeks from the website at http://www,

Want to still get in touch to ask for a song, contribute a Lie Back And Enjoy It, suggest a band for Shock Of The New or start a new... round of The Connection? Click on the Contact Form link on the homepage. I also want photos of you to go in the Listeners Gallery and Wyrd Ways Rock Show Babes.

Send your shots to Remember you can also listen to the show on, Fridays at 10pm GMT, or by subscribing with iTunes by clicking itpc://

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