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So I accidently found this band while I was downloading songs on SoulSeek. They are AWESOME! So I dig a bit on metal sites and I found something more about them. So if you are interested in, click below ;)

Band info
Vocals, piano, keyboards: Rowan London [1995-]
Lead guitar, cello: Samantha Escarbe [1995-]
Guitar, vocals: Graig Edis [1995-]
Bass, vocals: Ian Miller [1999-]
Drums: Dino Cielo [1995-]

Former members:
Bass: Aaron Nicholls [1995-1998]

Country: Australia
Style: Gothic Doom
Label: The End Records
Similar bands: Saviour Machine
Official website:


2002 - Sombre Romantic
2003 - Elegant...And Dying

Great songs from the second album are: Adorned In Ashes, Beloved and Our Wings Are Burning (must hear!) I couldnt find the first one but I found one song from it - 'Of Your Beauty'.
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