Ann Sulaiman (hakucho_cygnus) wrote in fem_metalheads,
Ann Sulaiman

Opinion of bands - Amorphis

It seems right to have one of these, again. While I personally am fond of Amorphis (namely 'Tales from the Thousand Lakes' and the Tomi Joutsen (current singer) era), I know that not everyone likes them, and some can't even stand them. Since the point of these posts is to get people to air out what they like or dislike about something, as long as they explain why, let's have another opinions post.

The rules are

1) Say whatever you want on the band in question, and explain why you feel that way

2) Get involved! If you disagree with someone - comment on why you do!

3) (and most important rule) NO IN-FIGHTING. There are no right or wrong answers, these are opinions.

No flaming people for liking Amorphis, and certainly no flaming people for not liking Amorphis. Let's get talking!

Myself, I have a bias towards the Tomi Joutsen era because that was how I got introduced to them (he did guest vocals on a Swallow the Sun song around 2007/2008, and they were one of my first tastes of the romantic death/doom subgenre). I also got to see them live, which I recall as amazing. However, I know that not everyone likes Joutsen's vocals or performance - many feel that his predecessor Pasi Koskinen was a stronger vocalist more suited to rock and metal, whereas many (legitimately) aren't fond of the direction the band took when Joutsen came on board.

While I do like Eclipse, Silent Waters and Skyforger (Joutsen era), I have to say I'm not fond of the latest album or even the covers one that Amorphis had released of their older material from the death/doom years... the latter's high production values (and admittedly restrained clean vocals) feel poor in comparison to how these songs tend to translate in a live setting, and the former felt very hackneyed and rushed.

So what's your opinion on Amorphis? Love them, hate them, say it here and don't forget to say why.


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