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\m/Name: Trace
\m/Age: 28
\m/Location: Australia
\m/Gender: Female last time I caught a glimpse

\m/Ten favorite bands:
1. In Flames
2. Soilwork
3. Dimmu Borgir
4. Killswitch Engage
5. Borknagar
6. Dark Tranquility
7. Chimaira
8. Children Of Bodom
9. Kamelot
10. Kiss

\m/Five favorite movies:
1. Wayne's World (sha-wing!)
2. Detroit Rock City
3. Any of the Nightmare On Elm St movies
5. I'm all out, I don't watch movies much.

\m/Five favorite books:
1. Intensity - Dean Koontz
2. Phantoms - Dean Koontz
3. Elli - Livia E Bitton Jackson
4. Dragon Tears - Dean Koontz (seeing an obsession here at all?)
5. False memory - Dean Koontz

\m/What is an interesting fact about you? I make yogurt for a living lol.

\m/If you could be anything besides yourself for a day, what would you be, and why? My bf's necklace just so I could be near him always...and no I'm not a stalker, he just lives on the other side of the world lol.

\m/How often do you go to concerts/shows? I've only been to three concerts in my life and they were all this year.

\m/As this is a new community, please post our banner (your choice of banners below) in two other communities, or your own journal if metal community promotions are not welcome. Which two communities did you put our banner in? Only mine unfortunately..the others I'm in don't look too kindly on promotion.

\m/Post a pic of yourself. If not of yourself, then of your art, or any picture you'd like to share.

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