667 : The Neighbor Of The Beast (osgiliathburns) wrote in fem_metalheads,
667 : The Neighbor Of The Beast

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This is for our international members - in lieu of this travesty we dare called an "election", a certain someone is now, once again, the "leader of the free world". Ironic that such a title warrants only one country to decide. I, on the other hand, want the members from other countries to express their views on our so-called 'leader'. One would think that the "free world" should have some sort of input as to who should be its leader. For the first time I actually shed a real tear for this country and the world after watching John Kerry concede this afternoon. I fear that the religious zeal of the current administration shall be our very undoing (this is why I am agnostic). Please give me your input, even members from the U.S. - I am fully aware that this post is not very 'metal' but I want your opinions nonetheless...

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