Vanamal Lucifer (orgasmaddcit) wrote in fem_metalheads,
Vanamal Lucifer


+ Aplication +

+ Name: Vanna
+ Age: seven years past ten
+ Location: florida

+ 5 favorite bands: snake river conspiricy, kittie, morbid angel, emperor, motor head
+ 5 favorite books: ive got about 100 artist books i love reading. white oleander, little birds.
+ 5 favorite movies: cry babt, secretary, ghost world, frida, return to oz.

+ One interesting fact about you: im all natural, dont shave, wax or pluck anything.
+ If you could be anything besides yourself for a day, what, and why? i guess my cat. imagine the stress a house cat has... none.
+ The song that can describe you: i really dont know, im more about insturments than lyrics.

+ You can post pics if you want

id like to help you moderate this community, if you'd like help that is. my AIM is orgasmaddcit.

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