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Slayer/Killswitch Engage/Mastadon

This is going to be brief:
The show was awesome, especially the part where we "kidnapped" my mom-in-law and drug her unhappy, drunk ass along for the ride. Once she realized she was NOT the oldest person there, and sobered up a bit, she had a blast.

Upon arrival my husband and I found out that not only were we on will call, but we had VIP passes as well. SO we met Jeff H and Kerry K after the show--I have waited what seems a lifetime to meet any of them, so that made me quite happy.

The Wall of Blood was not at all what one would have expected--most people didn't even realize there was red liquid spraying from the ceiling. A friend pointed out the spikots (spelling?) before Slayer played, so I knew where to look at kept doing so until the last song when 'it' finally happened. I guess I was hoping for a blood bath resembling the one in the "Bloodlines" video...oh well. GWAR will be here next month, so maybe then?? (do they still do that at shows?)

And that is all I have to say about the whole show at this moment for my children want me to Cook--the most evil pasttime in my life--I despise cooking.
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