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Beauty in black

Females who love metal music.
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Females who love metal music.
Female metalheads.


This is a community for females who love metal music, style and scene. This is not a community dedicated to strictly female rock stars, although there are some very metal women out there. Post news, reviews, who's hot/ who's not, concerts, opinions, anything you'd like pretty much. This is not a rating community.


1. Introduction must be under a LJ cut. "Introduction" should be in the title of your first post. HERE you will find the introduction form. Fill it out. And try not to mess it up.
2. Don't insult members, you'll be banned.
3. You should post an introduction before making your first real post.
4. Boys are allowed, too.
5. If you want to promote communities here, they must have to do with metal music, and they cannot be rating communities.
6. Posting our banner in your userinfo is highly appreciated. We want to spread the word about this community!

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